Forensic Pursuit provides vital, expert computer forensics services to attorneys, businesses, and individuals worldwide.  We collect, preserve, and analyze evidence in criminal and civil cases.  We also provide our clients with preventative forensics services and education on the legal and technical issues surrounding electronically stored information.

Forensic Pursuit = Client-Focused Forensic Savvy

Our team of certified and dedicated experts meticulously collect, preserve, analyze, and produce your data using legally defensible protocols and procedures. All our analysts are certified investigators. We use proven programs and techniques to copy the information on your device exactly, protecting your information for later use in Court and insuring its authenticity.

Our Certified Experts Use Court Approved Techniques

Our services include computer and mobile device forensic investigations, data collections and preservation, preventative forensics, e-discovery, educational services, and expert testimony.

Established in 2006, Forensic Pursuit has become a leader in emerging forensic technologies and continues to provide critical services to our clients while exhibiting standards of excellence at every level. Our experienced team members use court approved techniques to produce results courts can trust. We have experience testifying about our results around the nation. 

From Kuwait to London, Denver to Dallas, New York to Los Angeles, Forensic Pursuit follows strict procedures with every investigation to ensure future admissibility of the evidence we collect.

We protect the admissibility of your evidence

All Forensic Pursuit investigations are conducted or overseen by our expert CHFI and EnCE certified computer forensic investigators. All of our analysts are trained and certified to handle your data using strict protocols designed to ensure its admissibility. Finally, all of our analysts are licensed private investigators

We support your case with expert reports, affidavits, and testimony

Our experts have significant experience testifying at depositions, hearings and trials and are trained to clearly breakdown complex data into easily understandable testimony. Our detailed expert reports explain the techniques and processes we used during our investigation and clearly set forth our findings. When requested, our experts provide sworn affidavits for our clients, further supporting our collections and analysis.

We are experts in our field. 

In order to be considered an expert under the Federal Rules of Evidence a witness must possess the education and/or experience necessary to provide the court or the jury with information that will assist them in understanding a particularly difficult aspect of the case in front of them. One of the ways you can determine the expertise of a witness is by inquiry into their experience teaching others in their area of expertise. Forensic Pursuit has been offering education to lawyers and judges about computer forensics for years. Not only do our recurring CLE classes help legal professionals garner effective knowledge about computer forensics, our teaching efforts provide the court with added proof of the extent of our knowledge and expertise. 

Forensic Pursuit handles many types of cases

Corporate Espionage Investigations
Intellectual Property Theft
Email authenticity and fraud investigations
Employee trade secret theft cases
Wrongful Termination Lawsuits
Arson investigations
Murder/suicide investigations
Critical analysis of opposing forensic expert reports
Copyright infringement investigations
CD-R investigation in defamation lawsuit
Defamation and Libel lawsuits
Capital Murder

....among a host of others too numerous to list here.